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Residential Pest Control Santa Ynez, CA

Are you experiencing an outbreak of pests in your home? Are you looking for reliable, friendly residential pest control service in Santa Ynez with guaranteed results? Please give O’Connor Pest Control a call. We service the Santa Ynez, California and greater surrounding areas.

We will put an iron curtain of defense around the base of your home that ants, spiders, earwigs, beetles, and other bugs just won’t cross. We will also inspect other potential problem areas and seal them off so your home in Santa Ynez will be pest free forever.

We offer one-time or recurring, bi-monthly check-ins for your pest control, inspections and treatment needs in Santa Ynez. We will work within your budget to make sure your pest issues are resolved.

If you’re searching for pest control Santa Ynez with same day service guaranteed for your home, then you’ve come to the right place. O’Connor Pest Control Santa Ynez has been in business for 60+ years and we continue to be committed to excellent pest control and customer service.


Commercial Pest Control Santa Ynez, CA

Pests can be a deadly issue for commercial and agricultural business, because some pests are carriers of diseases that are harmful to humans, your building and your crops. Failure to keep your premises in Santa Ynez, CA pest free can result in their closure and fines for each offense. It can also be detrimental to your growing season. When you rely heavily on your crops to make you income, it’s important to keep your crops pest free. Pest management needs to be carried out in a professional manner and on a continued basis throughout the year, if control is to be effective. Frequent observation that allows early detection of potential problems will permit effective and economical pest control solutions in Santa Ynez.

O’Connor Pest Control Santa Ynez offers a wide-range of competitive commercial, industrial and agricultural pest control services to meet even the most demanding working operations. We always use eco-smart products to ensure your workzones are free of toxic chemicals. Contact us today to discuss your specific pest control needs in Santa Ynez, CA.


Termite Inspections Santa Ynez, CA

If you are a Home Owner, Real Estate Agent, or you are buying or selling a home in Santa Ynez, we are here to help. We specialize in Inspection Reports for homes in escrow or for property management companies in Santa Ynez, CA. Once the inspection is completed, a Notice of Completion will be sent to all parties involved by email, fax, or regular mail ASAP! All fumigation estimates are at no charge.

While you may think you don’t have a termite issue, think again. Termites often go unnoticed for years before the damage they do is detected. A professional termite inspection will give you peace of mind and reveal any termite infestations before more damage is done to your home in Santa Ynez, CA. We pride ourselves in protecting your home and educating our customers on any foreseeable termite issues to watch out for and a timeline to give us a call before the breakout even occurs.

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